Jeff and Family Arrive for Thanksgiving Visit

November 20, 2010

After stopping on Friday night to spend the night with Stan and Kristen and family, Jeff and Darla and the girls arrived in early afternoon on the 20th. They took the picture above in an extraordinary area of rock columns and outcrops in a wooded area near Stan and Kristens.

The back yard was covered with leaves, so Elyse quickly grabbed a rake and raked up a pile of leaves to jump in.

Ashleigh and Jordan joined in and soon they had a huge leaf pile to jump into.

The big leaf pile is made and Elyse is the first to jump in!

Jordan and Ashleigh were not far behind, and were a lot rowdier. They had a wrestling match in the leaf pile with leaves going everywhere!

The girls square off for a big leaf fight. It looks like Jordan was ganged up on in this round.

Elyse goes after Jordan with a whole armload of leaves. But Jordan effectively counter-attacks!

Ashleigh nails Jordan with a big ball of leaves. Elyse has been buried in the fight, with only a hand sticking out!

Elyse gets buried again by her big sisters.

Undaunted by the burial, Elyse comes up for air and then gives chase to her sisters.

Now it's Ashleigh's time to get buried. Elyse piles on the leaves.

Another round of battle with Ashleigh under attack.

Finally a truce was reached in the big leaf battle and they all climbed up on the playhouse. On this trip there was more perching on the playhouse than playing in it.

The season of Thanksgiving

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