Exploring Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Sunday, July 25, 2010

After hearing the reading of the Declaration of Independence we head down the road to visit the Powell House, one of the historic houses in Williamsburg which has been maintained as an educational site.

We got to the Powell House and found that it was a wood frame house in front, but that a large brick addition had been attached to the back.

The big back room of the house was well-kept, and an exercise for the children had been planned at the dining table. They were pencil-shading some pictures to get a feel for what the children of Colonial times might have done in the absence of color crayons. The pencil art above the fireplace was an example.

Jordan and Elyse play with Colonial era dolls and accessories. I thought this was neat because from the details showing here, they had been transported back over two hundred years to the way this room might have looked with children playing in front of the fireplace.

The rest of the family got involved in a game called "The Box". It was neat to visualize how an 18th century family might have enjoyed an evening in this room.

After the play by the fireplace, the girls enjoyed the room where they could try on clothes.

Trying on Colonial era clothing seemed to be great fun. They even got Grandma involved.

We explored the vegetable garden out back of the house, and in it was sitting this fellow in Colonial clothing with some simple musical instruments. He invited the girls to try the instruments.

Soon all three girls were playing Colonial instruments under the direction of this quiet and calm fellow in the garden.

After another full day of exploring Colonial Williamsburg, we were headed past the Governors Castle to catch the shuttle to the Visitor Center.

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