Sunday School Luncheon

August 22, 2010

We gathered after church for a potluck lunch at our house. There was certainly an abundance of food! Brenda busies herself at the bar as people gather for the buffet. Behind her are Keith Lolley, Michael, Stephen Vineyard with Greg Ervin behind him, Savannah and her mom Brigette Harris, Philip Ceccarossi, Faye Martin behind the camera and Karla Ayers.

I'm having a camera duel with Faye Martin. Brigette and Laura Ervin approach the buffet.

Karla Ayers, Kim White and Chris Ayers sample the fine buffet of food that the folks have brought.

Faye and Rob Martin make thier way around the end of the buffet as others move toward it.

Stephen, Michael and Savannah enjoyed playing pool downstairs, but were quick to respond when we called them to lunch.

Jeff and Kim White were part of the group that settled in the dining room.

Kelley and Doug Brandon settle in the den as we prepare to watch some video that Philip Ceccarossi shot.

We are gathered in front of the TV to watch Philip's video of the parade and fundraiser initiated by the Smyna Police Department.

Brenda and Philip Ceccarossi went along with Faye and Rob to this fundraiser event by the Smyrna Police Department. These pictures were in the Tuesday, August 24 edition of the Marietta Daily Journal. Philip shot some nice video of the event and brought it along for us to see.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the luncheon and we were pleased that Faye and Rob could come and join us.

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