Trip to Ft. Myers to Visit Wes

November 5-10, 2011

Sherry, Brenda and Rod head out early for the trip to Ft.Myers, Florida. Brenda had gotten us a place at Tropical Sands Resort on Ft. Myers Beach. We left at 5:20am and made the 615 mi trip to Ft. Myers Beach in 11 hours, even with the almost an hour tie-up getting from Ft. Myers to Ft. Myers Beach. That delay was mostly because of the sand sculpting competition and other events scheduled for this weekend.

One view on the approach to Ft. Myers Beach from the north.
The blending of housing and land and water is very nice in this relaxed area.

After settling in at the Tropical Sands, I headed across the street to the beach just in time to catch the big red sun over the bay.

I watched until the very last bit of red disappeared, hoping for the green flash, but not this time.

Even after sundown it was interesting to watch the birds like these two ibis feeding at the waters edge. There was a narrow tidal inlet and then a sand spit before the bay began.

Sunday at Ft. Myers Beach

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