Awana Trip to Bent Tree

August 13, 2011

A highlight of our Awana men and boys trip was a time to play around the waterfall and the pool below it. Will Jones and Logan Todd jump together from the bank over the deep pool at the base of the waterfall.
We were pleased to have seven boys show up for breakfast and the trip. Clockwise from Chris are Will Jones, Logan Todd, Connor Smith, Paul Lara, Riley Brooks, Ben Ludwick and Noah Lara (hidden). Chris Ludwick and Johnny Huffman help with serving.

We headed out to Bent Tree's Lake Tamarack. Our count was 15 with the seven boys plus Johnny Huffman, Mark Todd, Chris Ludwick, Paul Williamson, Joe Burkhardt, and John Ford. We took fishing gear, but on this hot August day the boys preferred playing in the lake.
We were glad to have Paul Williamson along with grandsons Noah and Paul Lara for their first trip to Bent Tree.

Ben Ludwick was also a first-timer to Bent Tree along with dad Chris.

Chris gets into this boy-tossing pattern and gives Ben a throw. The water was clear and pleasant and the boys seemed to have a good time.

At lunchtime we made the switch to the spillway side of the lake and Stan and Johnny are preparing our peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. John Ford and Mark Todd give a hand.

After lunch the boys move to the rocks at the end of the pool below the waterfall. The pool was cooler than the lake, but pleasant after you got used to it.

I think this was what Logan had been waiting for. He sails off the bank into the green pool below the falls.

Connor was right behind him.

Looks like a leap of joy to me!

Here comes Mark Todd off the cliff. Holding pretty straight into the water!

Joe Burkhardt takes a turn. Is this easier than landing a helicopter?

Logan and Connor make it to the waterfall and climb up into it.

Will Jones makes the leap into the deep green pool.

Chris Ludwick makes the flying leap.

Chris and Ben explore the waterfall.

Ben is confident in the water and swims back and forth to the falls with Dad.

Here goes Rod off the rocks by the waterfall. He couldn't stand being out of the action. John Ford is on camera.

Noah makes his leap into the deep green pool, with Stan standing by.

There's Rod off the high bank. Pretty crazy for a 72-year-old man!

Thanks again to John for pictures of this folly.

Will and Logan again with a team jump.

Our traditional farewell photo to Bent Tree, taken on the dam on Lake Tamarack. L-R Ben and Chris Ludwick, Paul Williamson with grandson Paul Lara, Connor Smith, with Noah Lara and Logan Todd front, Mark Todd, Will Jones, Joe Berkhardt, Johnny Huffman with Riley Brooks (Joe'e grandson) in front, John Ford.

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