Awana Trip to Stone Mountain

October 1, 2011

We had a beautiful clear day for our trip to Stone Mountain, and this is the group on top of the mountain with the city of Atlanta in the background. In front Pedro Lara with Paul and Noah, Logan Todd with Larry LaRue in front of him, Austin Hughes, Brandon Pruitt. Back row Joe Burkhardt with grandson Riley Brooks, Dylan Bates, Johnny Huffman, Mark Todd, Chuck Smith with Connor in front, John Ford.
The men's table, CW from front left: Pedro Lara, Chuck Smith, Johnny Huffman, Joe Burkhardt, John Ford, Mark Todd.
Larry LaRue and Brandon Pruitt show up in time to get breakfast and that brings our group up to 17 for the trip to Stone Mountain.

We arrived at Stone Mountain to find the whole parking lot blocked off at the bottom of the trail blocked off for some event, so we had to park about a half mile away. The extra walk involved some side trips, like Larry LaRue zipping off to climb a tree. The boys were certainly full of energy on this cool, clear morning.

We made it to Stone Mountain at about 10am and gathered the group on the railroad track for a group photo.

The boys were off at a run up the stone pathway. They made a brief stop at the bubblegum post.

At the halfway point, everyone was ready for a water break. There is a shelter with picnic tables for a welcome rest.


There is a large stone grill and some rock ledges close to the shelter. They are always an attraction for the boys to climb and jump on. I remember these purple berries - these are some of the most outstanding I have seen.

This is a steep part of the climb, steep enough that handrails are provided. But Paul is not going to let go of that apple as he climbs up! On right is the opening to a small cave.

A reward for climbing this high is a great view of the Atlanta skyline, 15 miles west of us, on this clear day.

The boys liked the little cave on the way up. Logan and Paul above left and Riley and Paul above right. Paul seemed to like the place and stayed put. Brandon joins him at left.

Our group makes it up the last stretch of bare rock to the top of Stone Mountain. Pedro Lara with Paul and Noah stand in the strong wind at the top. It was so strong it was sometimes hard to stand, and it blew your clothes back against your body.

We often say it doesn't take much to entertain a group of active boys. Here they are gathered around this large stinkbug which must have gotten caught in the high wind and blown up here.

The boys had a great time running on the rock top of the mountain. The wind was roaring and it was exhilarating to be on top of the mountain. The view of the blue lake below added to the beauty.
They enjoyed a shallow cave that had been prepared by previous visitors with seats and even a throne. Noah is occupying the throne at this time. The boys took turns sitting on the throne. There was a rock ledge above that they climbed on.

I think this is the clearest view of the north Georgia mountains I have ever gotten from Stone Mountain. They are about 70 miles away.

We headed back to the top and our great view of the city. Above, Riley reaches the peak and the view of Atlanta.

Connor was fascinated with the granite gravel he found in one of the depressions in the rock. You could tell that it was the same material as the rock around it, so it must have been formed there.

As we head down Stone Mountain, Riley and Logan have one last climb on the rocks near the cave.

Noah and Connor have a last run across the tops of the rocks. We head down and have lunch at the picnic area and make our trip back to Mableton.

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