December Gatherings 2011

December 5, 2011

We had our RTB Atlanta Christmas social at Pappadeaux's off Hwy 400 on December 5 with 20 persons in attendance. We use it as an occasion to honor our speakers of the year and review the year's programs. I was way too busy to take many photos, so the above were just quick snaps. Clockwise from top, Barbara Leckman and Sandy Corley. Then Brenda talks with Sandy. Next Jim Brannon talks with Howard Deutsch. Thanks to Angela Brannon for making the arrangements for the party. Then Ceresa Smith and Bruce Phillips. Bruce was speaker for two of our meetings and helped with all. Ben Smith did one whole meeting and helped with a second. Then Glen Leckman, Butch Johnston and Ray Williams. Glen and Ray did programs during the year, and Butch did a great job with website, announcements, and keeping everything running. Also present but not pictured were Jefrey Breshears, Tom and Adrienne Ellis, Pamela Phillips, Pamela Phillips, Ben Smith, Angela Brannon and Delon Barfuss.

Rod made up a booklet of review of the year's programs for those who attended the dinner. It was another way to honor the speakers and contributors. At left above is the page for the March meeting, which Rod did on the work of John Lennox, Don Johnson and Stephen Myer which points to non-material reality, countering a purely materialistic view of the universe. At right above are two examples of the creative work of Butch Johnston in putting together graphics for the Atlanta RTB website and the announcement of the monthly meeting. Top right points to a presentation by Dr. Delon Barfuss of GSU's biology department about the coordinated fluid balance mechanisms in the living cell. I had sent Butch my cell diagram from HyperPhysics and he used it to make that graphic. For the session of Lennox's contribution we used several speakers, and Butch put together that graphic from the pictures I sent to him plus a photo of John Lennox from the web.

December 18, 2011

Christmas at the Keyboard

We went to the Christmas Pianos program at Mt. Harmony, partly because Kim White and Gail Morris were playing. The above shows Kim on one of the six baby grand pianos on the right.

In the view at right, Kim is on one of the front pianos and I was intrigued by the reflection of the stained glass window in the polished piano top above her.

Gail Morris played in several of the numbers, but is seated during the time shown below.

After the concert

After the concert, we gathered at the house for a social for our Sunday School class and others.

Above, LR, are Greg and Judy Hanthorn, Sherry and a friend from Woodstock, Brenda, Karla & Chris Ayers, Cindy & Rick Oldham with daughters and Kerstin, Robin Ford.

At right, Mike and Cheryl Anthony, John Ford, and Chris & Karla Ayers at our breakfast table.

We were pleased that everyone seemed to be able to relax and enjoy the fellowship. Kelley & Doug Brandon and Sid & Glennis Williams have now joined this group.

We had a total of 25 guests spread out in the den, dining room and breakfast room.

We were pleased that Kim and Jeff White with Ansley and Kelsey were able to join us. We sort of scheduled this social in Kim's honor when we found out she was playing in the Christmas at the Keyboard. With Kim and Kelsey are Robin Ford and her sister Pam Long.

Off to Pearl River

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