Warren Woolf's 90th Birthday with Georgia Tech BSU Alumni

October 30-31, 2011

Warren and Sue Woolf and family at his 90th birthday celebration. The Georgia Tech BSU Alumni group gathered in Hiawassee to celebrate with them. Behind Warren and Sue are sons Bill and David, and at right daughter Susan and Bill's wife Donna. The celebration had been anticipated for months. We gathered at the Ramada Lake Chatuge Lodge and had this celebration at the Chophouse Restaurant next door.

Some of us arrived last night, and the Tech BSU Alumni group had been growing all day as we anticipated the arrival of Warren and Sue Woolf and the planned celebration with Warren.

David Woolf arrived in our 3rd floor gathering room at 5pm to alert us to Warren and Sue's arrival so we could give them a big welcome.

It was a joy to see Warren and Sue, accompanied by Susan, David, Bill, and Donna.

We gave Warren and Sue seats of honor so folks could speak to them before we went over to the restaurant for dinner and the birthday celebration.

L:Bob Petty with Warren and Sue. R: Blake and Henry Fields.
Brenda and Will (Butch) Henderson
L:Bob and Mildred Petty, R: Walt McKinney
L:Betty Fields, R:Elaine Whisnant
L: Judy and Tommy Bonds, R: Jim Tanner
L: Brenda Nave, LeRoy Hendrick, R: Nancy and Tom Jones
Sue with Nancy and Tom Jones, Wynelle and Charlie Middlebrooks, Judy and Tommy Bonds, LeRoy Hendrick, John Potts.

The fellowship with Warren and Sue in our gathering room was great fun, but now it was time to move to the restaurant for dinner and the birthday celebration.

Nancy Bonds had managed to get this big cake up to the mountains in mint condition. It had Georgia Tech decorations of course, but no candles. 90 candles! That would have set off the smoke detector!

We all settled in at the Chop House next door to the lodge for dinner.

L:Norman Petty, Laddie Rollins, John and Nancy Baxley. R:Nancy and Tom Jones, Meryl and Charles Griffin.
L:Jack and Valjean Aycock, Carol and Aubrey Bush. R: Betty and Henry Fields, Andrew and Alice Blake, Will and Brenda Henderson.

L: Dick and Elaine Whisnant, Mary and Jim Tanner. R:Charlie and Wynelle Middlebrooks, and John Potts.
L:Judy and Tommy Bonds, Nancy and Otis Blake. R: R.B. Coulter, Bill Nowell, Naomi and Roger Sundy.
L:Bob Petty, Lloyd and Sandra Killebrew, Betty and Don Hammonds. R:(cw)Rudy and June Matzner, Mike and Wallace, Jim Green, and Walt McKinney, ?,?, Green.
L:Mildred Petty, David Whisnant, Derek Whisnant, Anne Whisnant, Whisnant. R:Sam Shelton, Nancy Bonds, Jane and Leland Strange.
L:Bill Miller, Brenda and Rod Nave. R: Folks begin to gather for the birthday celebration.

Here are some that I didn't catch at dinner. Clockwise around Warren and Sue: Frank and Babs Gudger, Carl Hughes, Jerry and Bonner Orr.
David brings in the cake and manages to land it with a lot of help, or at least encouragement, from bystanders.
Time to rejoice with Warren on the occasion of his 90th birthday!

There are not many of us who really have to be concerned about paparazzi!

When things calmed down, the feeling ran deep. Most of us have known Warren for on the order of 50 years, and when you have the high regard that we have for Warren and Sue after that long, you know it is genuine.

Babs brings flowers for Sue.

The family put a lot of creativity into crafting a table decoration commemorating major milestones in Warren and Sue's life. The wedding memento at right shows the kind of care and effort that went into it.

We are grateful to the Woolf family for allowing us all to share in this marvelous milestone.

Georgia Tech BSU Alumni Reunion

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