Christmas Day at the Moyle's

December 25, 2012

A much treasured part of the Christmas season is getting together with the 9 grandchildren of the Moyle family, three of whom are our granddaughters.

The youngest, Josiah Wells has been corralled by Jordan Nave for the picture. Then Bethany Moyle with Elyse Nave in front, then Ashleigh Nave, Jessica Ringo with Caleb Wells in front, Lindsey Moyle partly hidden, and Jonathan Ringo.

After our Christmas morning visit at Jeff's house, we went to the Moyle's for the Christmas day family gathering. Diane and Robbie were there with Caleb and Josiah, and Jeff and Leslie arrived soon afterward.

Josiah was just a baby at Christmas 2011, so this is his first Christmas to sort of understand what is going on. Elyse helps distribute gifts in the first gift exchange.

Young Josiah is fully engaged in the process, and everybody else enjoyed him.

Lindsey and Josiah with Grammy Judy.

Time for some outside play. Caleb and Elyse at the arbor seem unaware that a major sneak is being carried out by Bethany, Jordan and Lindsey.

Darla takes Josiah to check out the outdoor nativity scene.

The Ringos arrived so we gathered for more fellowship and gift sharing in the living room.

Jonathan joins the lego building group in the floor.

A time of gift sharing with the whole family.

Jeff and Elyse examine a portrait of Grammy and Pap.

Hmm! Jonathan is just in from college in Texas where they say "Don't tread on me!".

Dave and Judy have a round of gifts for all their children.

One of the gifts is an ornament for each, which they are displaying here.

Each of the granddaughters gets a scarf.

Grammy and Pap with Caleb and Elyse.

The girls were in the mood for some crazy poses in front of the Christmas tree. This is not nearly the craziest one!

Actually, in the midst of all the crazy poses, they accidentally produced some very nice ones.

One of our challenges in getting the group picture this year was that so far, Josiah's favorite Christmas present was the empty core from a paper towel roll, and he thought whopping Jordan with it was great fun!

With Ashleigh's encouragement, Josiah wanted to play a game of hide and seek.

Bethany, Lindsey and Jordan try out a colorful game. You can see Judy's train and village and other Christmas decorations.

This is part of the group we had for the fine dinner. We were spread over the living and dining rooms and kitchen.

The colorful kids table was in the breakfast area.

Elyse provided some after dinner music with her violin.

The final Moyle family Christmas day tradition is group games after dinner, so that is just getting underway.

Elyse's Birthday

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