Christmas Morning With Jeff and Family

December 25, 2012

We enjoyed joining Jeff and Darla and the girls for Christmas morning. They were excited about a generous gift of cash from Uncle Mark here.

They had already had some early Christmas gifts from Aunt Sherry.

Next they set about opening large boxes from Uncle Wesley in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Wesley had packed things very carefully, so Jordan pitches in to help Ashleigh extract her guitar from the packing.

The girls were surprised and impressed when they got the nice guitar out of the packing below.

Ashleigh almost reverently removes the plastic wrapping from her nice guitar. Elyse is excited about her small pink guitar.

Jordan unpacks her guitar and gets right to work tuning it with a guitar-tuning app on the iPad.

Ashleigh unpacks the guitar amplifier and realizes that she can play the guitar either acoustically or with amplification. It actually sounds quite good acoustically. Elyse was delighted with her cute pink guitar.

Ashleigh unwraps a large artist valise for carrying larger drawings and other artwork. Aunt Sherry had supplied her with a lot of nice art supplies as a gift. More gifts from Aunt Sherry below.

So the girls had very generous gifts from Uncle Mark, Uncle Wesley and Aunt Sherry this Christmas. We were all appreciative of their generosity.

Our final event of our early Christmas morning celebration with Jeff and family was the sharing of Christmas stockings. Then we prepared to join the rest of the Moyle family for Christmas day fellowship.

Christmas day at the Moyle's

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