Gibbs Gardens

September 3, 2015

Brenda and Rod made a day trip to Bent Tree and stopped off at Gibbs Gardens. Rod's favorite place is the lilly pond. We had visited Gibbs in March.

Once again we enjoyed the exquisite colors of the lilies. Occasionally there was another observer, like this dragonfly on one of the lilies.

To this nice multicolor bouquet we add a dragonfly in the upper right.

Maybe it was because I was so enamored of the lilies, or because the frogs were so well camouflaged that I didn't see any of them until I examined the photos closely. There are two frogs on the pads in the wider shot above.

Here's another frog behind this lovely lavender bloom. No wonder I didn't see him at the time.

OK, that's about enough for the frogs. But maybe you missed the one behind the right lilly in the photo above. Anyway, I'm inclined to just enjoy the lilies from here on.

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