Thanksgiving Day

November 26-27, 2015

Darla and the girls helped through the morning with food preparation, and Ashleigh and Jordan also helped Grandma Brenda with her hair. Brenda has had to depend on a very amateur Rod for hair help since her rotator-cuff surgery, so this was very nice of them. They seemed to have fun in the process.

We enjoyed a visit from Andy and Alice on Thanksgiving morning. They are staying busy with activities at the church and traveling in their motorhome.

It was good to find them doing so well and staying busy.

Andy had brought his guitar, so he and Jordan got together for a guitar session.

Mark got loose from his 6 6o 7 day/wk schedule to join us for dinner. Jordan and Elyse with him.

Preparations for dinner were in full swing. We put Mark to work carving the turkey.

Below, Mark has the turkey carved and Darla is finishing the dressing. We are close to dinnertime!

We finally settled at the table for the feast. Brenda, Jeff, Stacy, Jason, Sherry and Elyse.

Jeff, Elyse, Jordan, Ashleigh, Mark and Darla round out our Thanksgiving table.

The late afternoon brought game time and a game of UNO. Marty, Jordan, Darla, Elyse, Sherry and Brenda.

Friday, November 27

Grandma Brenda wanted a Thanksgiving theme picture, so Elyse and Jordan cooperated with these decorations.

Granddad Rod does his best to stay behind the camera, but got talked into this one.

Green Manor

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