Georgia Tech BSU Alumni Gathering

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thanks to Bill and Beth Norman for hosting a luncheon at the for the Georgia Tech BSU Alumni group. The location is called Franks at the Old Mill in Fayetteville. Around the table are Bill and Beth,Betty Jones,?, Frank Gudger, Sue Woolf, Babs Gudger, Brenda Nave.

The restaurant was on this pleasant stream through the residential area. The stream is called Whitewater Creek, and it forms a small lake here where a couple of other streams come together. I talked to one employee who fished on his breaks.

The restaurant provided scrap bread to feed the fish, and there were some fish, but obviously more turtles in evidence waiting to be fed.

In fact the fish had to be really alert to get anything. They would zip up quickly and nab a piece of bread out of the turtle's mouths.

Now this big boy moved in to join the feed. He must have been 16" across.

However, his size didn't seem to be much of an advantage in this competition for bread crumbs.

There was a convenient railed porch overlooking the water so we could feed the fish, er.. turtles.

The crowd of turtles kept growing. And you can see that the fish are there too, just under the water's surface.

This big catfish made itself dramatically known, and everything else scattered. He grabbed the bread and dove, and that was that!

When it came time for us to say goodbye, we left a large and expectant group of turtles.

Thanks again to Bill and Beth for getting us together for fellowship at this relaxing and interesting location.

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