High Tea at Vianne's Tea House, Mandeville

Tuesday, August 4

We drove to Mandeville to Vianne's on Tuesday afternoon. They certainly couldn't be accused of lacking variety in their teas. This was to be a continuation of the birthday celebration for Jordan.

We tasted some very nice and flavorful teas while waiting to be seated. A creative light emphasized that they had teas from around the world.

Our group of eight included Ashleigh, Judy, Jordan, Kylea Milton, Elyse, Lindsey, Brenda and Rod. We were seated in this nicely decorated tea room.

The first course was two kinds of scones. From the first bite of one of the scones I was completely sold on this idea of a high tea. I have to confess to some misgivings coming in, but none going out. These were the best scones I had ever had, and we had a lot when we lived in Wales.

The next course was a collection of fancy sandwiches, all tasty. And, Oh yes, we had tea! We had pots of four different kinds of teas.

Finally our hostess brought this array of fancy desserts. The whole process certainly wiped away my doubts about how nice a high tea could be! Everything was excellent and we had a nice time of family celebration.

After delivering everyone home after our tea, we headed back to New Orleans. It was about 40 miles from Pearl River to our hotel. We enjoyed watching the skyline of New Orleans from I-10 as we went through.

The downtown expressway I-10 swung us by the Superdome and we took the flyover to Hwy 90 and had to watch lanes carefully to find the exit to St. Charles Avenue. We could get a glimpse of the Crescent City Connector over the Mississippi River.

We went to the roof of our 12-story hotel at about 7:40pm and got this sunlit view of the west side of downtown New Orleans.

The sun had slipped about halfway below the horizon in this westward view at 7:51pm. The end of a very pleasant day.

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