Return to Pearl River and New Orleans

August 1-9, 2015

Jordan's Birthday Celebration

We drove down to Pearl River to be present for the family celebration of Jordan's birthday on Saturday, August 1. Her cake was a big stack of brownies which we dubbed the "brownie mountain".

A big water slide was part of the celebration. Elyse enjoyed demonstrating it for Grandma.

Darla and Jeff took their turns at making big splashes.

A tent was set up for visiting and watching the water slide. We had a casual lunch, then brownies and ice cream, then gift opening for Jordan for her birthday.

Several of Jordan's friends joined the party and had a good time on the water slide.

After the party we drove down to New Orleans where we had booked a Wyndham Hotel for the week on St. Charles Street. Above is our view of New Orleans from the roof of the 12-story hotel, and a night view down on to St. Charles with its center trolley rails.

The World War II Museum

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