Family Gathering at Lassiter's

September 19, 2017

We were pleased to be able to gather with Bobby and Suzanne Lassiter's family. Will, Mary and little Mary Elizabeth came from San Antonio, thanks to Brent's air transport service. Garrett with Sarah Howard, Eli, and Mandi and Brent.

Mary, Will and Mary Elizabeth. This was the first time we had gotten to see Mary Elizabeth, although we had seen lots of pictures and even some videos.

Suzanne with Mary Elizabeth.

Sarah Howard and Garrett Lassiter

Brenda, Rod, Mary Sue and Philippe. The brothers of Dorothy were pleased to be able to come to honor her memory and gather with the family. Wanda sent her condolences from California and had a good telephone visit with Suzanne. She joined with Rod and Philippe on a bouquet from brothers and sister.

Sarah took on photographer duty to get a shot of this group. Garrett, Will with Mary and Mary Elizabeth, Mandi and Brent, Eli,Bobby and Suzanne Lassiter, Philippe and Mary Sue Nave, Rod and Brenda Nave.

Dorothy's Celebration Service

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