Pearl River Trip

July 14-23, 2017

We left home on Wednesday, July 12, and spent a couple of days in Hattiesburg, MS. Then on Friday morning, July 14, we drove to Pearl River to be ready to take Jeff and Darla to the New Orleans Airport for their trip to Alaska. We made the round trip to the airport and then settled in at their house to be with Elyse.

We are amazed at how much Elyse has grown in the past year. She is about the same height as Grandma Brenda.

We spent most of Saturday shopping with Elyse for her school clothes and materials. That is, Elyse and Brenda shopped. Rod chauffered them and read a book.

The photo at right is on Sunday morning. We went to the 10:30 service and Elyse worked with the 4yr olds during that time.

On July 20, Jeff and Darla were due back in from their Alaska trip at 6:30pm. We had made the 50 mile drive from Pearl River and were a bit early, so we were sitting and waiting at the gate where they were to come into the terminal building.

The plane we were anticipating came in right on time with no ligtning strikes or shenanigans like their departure. We were glad to see them and Elyse ran to meet them.

On July 21 Judy, Elyse, Jeff, Darla and Brenda are gathered to celebrate Rod's 78th birthday with and ice cream cake.

We had already been celebrating with ice cream when we picked up Elyse from dance camp several days this week.

Brenda and Elyse had conspired to get the ice cream cake since we had been joking all week about this being National Ice Cream Month.

Jeff and Darla to Alaska

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