Scuba Diving at Buck Island, St. Thomas

June 1, 2000

Continuing our Buck Island reef dive, we cruised along a reef at about 60 feet depth, looking at a variety of fish. There was a lot of fish life, even though the reef itself looked pretty beat up.

At left is a yellowtailed damselfish. Its spots stand out so much they seem to glow. At right is a variation on a blue parrotfish.

Mark took the camera a couple of times to shoot Rod, to show that the old man was really down there. One of the nice fish that we saw was this banded butterflyfish.

At one of the nicer spots on the reef, I found this banded butterfly fish and stoplight parrotfish playing around the soft coral. I shot the view at left before the flash had had time to recharge, so it is a good example of the difference you get when you don't have a flash at 60 ft. It is still pretty, but you lose all the oranges and reds.

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