A Week in St. Thomas

May 27-June 2, 2000

May 27

Arriving in St. Thomas

Brenda, Rod, and Mark flew directly from Atlanta to St. Thomas and rented a car to drive into Charlotte Amalie to Bluebeard's Castle Resort

Sunset trip to Magens Bay

We drove over the ridge of the island to the north to go to Magens Bay and the famous beach there. We were treated to a beautiful sunset and watched the formation of a thundershower in the sunset sky.

May 28

Coki Point and Coral World

We looked at the outstanding aquariums in Coral World and snorkeled at what is probably the best spot on the island.

June 1

Scuba Diving at Buck Island

Mark and Rod took a boat to Buck Island off the south coast of St. Thomas for two scuba dives. The first was on a reef at about 60 feet and the second on a wreck at about 45 feet.

Wreck dive off Buck Island

On our second dive at Buck Island, we headed down toward a wreck at about 45 feet. It looked to be about a 100 ft freighter. It had originally sunk at the harbor entrance near Charlotte Amalie. It was towed by the Corps of Engineers to a point about a quarter mile offshore, but had been moved in close to Buck Island by the major hurricane, Marilyn, in 1995.

Visit with Jeff and family

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