Coral World, Coki Point, St. Thomas

May 28, 2000

Charlotte Amalie

Early Sunday morning we were greeted with a view which would become a daily one: the approach of a large cruise ship to the dock across from our balcony. Above is a view of Charlotte Amalie to the west of us. Brenda and I headed out early and got breakfast at McDonalds, leaving Mark to sleep a little longer. Then we all headed out for Coki Point on the east end of the island.

We were impressed with the quality of the aquariums in Coral World. They are all local fish. Below are some samples captured from the video camera.

Rock Beauty
Juvenile French Angelfish
Bluehead Wrasse
Queen Angelfish
Blackbar Soldierfish
Candy Cane Shrimp
Tubeworm Plumes


St. Thomas
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