Thanksgiving 1999

November 23, 1999

Ashleigh with Brenda at breakfast. Later, Ashleigh helps Brenda with cake baking.
We put together the playhouse which Jeff and Darla's neighbors had given them. Ashleigh had great fun with it and would regularly repeat "house" and lead one of us to the back door to take her to it in the back yard.
The grandbabies were generally happy and were a joy to play with. It was neat to see Jeff and Darla interact with the two of them.
Mark came up in the afternoon after getting off work at Paulding County High School on football movie with Denzel Washington. Jordan was in a good mood and played happily in his lap for quite a while.

Darla, Brenda and Sherry took Ashleigh and Jordan to see Santa at the mall.

November 24, 1999

Rod and Jeff went over to visit Mark on the job at a warehouse off Defoor's Ferry where he is building movie sets. One of the sets was a locker room. The movie will be titled "Remember the Titans".
Rod and Jeff worked in the shop starting a set of bookshelves for Jeff and Darla's house on the NOBTS campus.

We took a few family pictures on Sunday before Jeff and family left.

Christmas at the Moyles

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