Movie Sets: On the Job with Mark

November 24, 1999

Mark gave Rod and Jeff a tour of about five of the sets of the movie for which he is currently working. This is a locker room set for a football movie starring Denzel Washington to be called "Remember the Titans". It is something about the first black college football coach. The set is made of luan on 1x4 studs which are finished inside to look like a real room. The top is open to allow the positioning of cameras.

The sinks below left look like the solid content of a 70's football locker room. But at right the backside of the wall is shown as an example of building up a movie set. There is one 2x4 brace in the wall, but the remainder is made of 1x4's and luan.

All the sets are situated in a large warehouse. Their drawing boards, shops, eating area, etc. are distributed around the large open floor. There is adequate space between them for the movement of the large camera rigs.

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