Mark Works on the Set of "Unshackled"

March 6, 2000

Mark worked as a carpenter on the set of the upcoming movie "Unshackled". It is part of the story of Harold Morris, who has published the story in the book "Twice Pardoned" and told his story on audio and video tape and through lecture tours throughout the country.

The Prison Infirmary

This set was very believable as the prison infirmary until you looked overhead. As shown at left, the ceiling is open to allow the insertion and positioning of cameras and lights. This is a characteristic of all the sets - very real-looking as long as you keep your gaze low where the cameras will be pointing, but open on top.

In this area Mark worked on making up the very realistic looking bars on the doors. Details of that construction are shown below.

Do you think you could break out of a door like this?

In reality, you probably could. The bars are made of 1-inch thin-walled metal electrical conduit, the cross-members are 3/8 medium density fiber (MDF), the door handles and locks are light molds, and the heavy rivets are wooden buttons. The thin conduit is essentially the only metal in the doors.

Mark worked on cutting and assembling the bars and door structures here.

A Hard Day's Work

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