The Making of Heavy Steel Doors: Movie Style

March 6, 2000

Mark worked as a carpenter on the set of the upcoming movie "Unshackled". It is part of the story of Harold Morris, who has published the story in the book "Twice Pardoned" and told his story on audio and video tape and through lecture tours throughout the country.

These are two of the types of heavy prison doors which had to be constructed for the set.

The bars on these doors were made of 1-inch thinwall metal electrical conduit with heavy ceiling hanging wire placed down each side. The crossbars where made of medium density fiber which was cut out to pass the bars. These shots show some of the finished applications.

With the impressive finished product came the inevitable clowning around about putting each other inside.

One of Mark's co-workers was Danny Cochran, an old friend from Truett-McConnell. The sets were built in a warehouse off I-85 just north of downtown Atlanta.

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