RA Camporee, Camp Kaleo

April 19-20, 2002

From the large campfire which opened the RA Camporee, we returned to our campsite and built our own campfire. That's always important to the boys. Our standard line is "In every little boy is a latent pyromaniac." So they enjoyed roasting or burning marshmallows.

We had a devotional around the campfire and the boys listened and responded well. A fire is a good setting to talk with them. After a modest amount of clowning around and silliness, we got them all settled down for the night in the two tents.

The bugle sounded reveille at 6 AM and Johnny and Ray were up and at it, fixing sausage and pancakes for us all.

The boys were surprisingly wide awake and polished off quite a stack of pancakes. At right above, both Johnny and Ray were cooking pancakes to keep up with them.

Callaway Gardens trip

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