Trip to New Orleans for Jeff's Graduation

May 17-22, 2002

We left at 10 PM to drive through the night to New Orleans for Jeff's graduation at 10 AM on Saturday, May 18. Rod was involved in a recording session until 10 PM. Brenda, Rod and Sherry arrived in New Orleans shortly after 5 AM. We got some breakfast and then went to Mark and Cindi's hotel room to freshen up and get dressed. Then we all went over to Jeff's house in time to make the ceremony at 10 AM.

At Jeff's house, Grandma Brenda jumped right back into our treasured tradition of reading to Jordan and Ashleigh. This was the first time we had seen them since February.

Ashleigh and Jordan were wonderfully full of life and enthusiasm. They had not changed so much in appearance, but Jordan in particular had made great advances in her communication. A few minutes with them made us forget about the long night's trip.

Mark joined the reading process and Ashleigh liked the individual attention.

By the time we got to Jeff's house and played with the girls a few minutes, it was time for him to robe up and head for the Chapel where the Commencement service was to be held.

The Chapel is in walking distance from Jeff's, so we gathered outside to walk up, even though it was threatening to rain. Mark and Cindi, Marty Dye, Sherry and Brenda with Ashleigh. Dave and Judy Moyle and Diane had just driven up, so we had quite an entourage.

To the graduation ceremony

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