Jeff's Graduation

May 18, 2002

The graduates gathered on the white-columned porch outside the Chapel and then filed in for the ceremony.

With the graduates and faculty in place in the impressive Chapel, the ceremony was ready to begin. Jeff was in the back with the other Ph.D. candidates. In fact, Jeff was third from last.

After the Masters of Divinity degrees and the Doctor of Ministry degrees, they reached the Ph.D. Degrees. Finally Jeff was at the stage ready to "walk". For the Ph.D. degrees a brief academic history and their dissertation topic was read.

Jeff walks across the stage to shake hands with President Kelly.

The time for the Ph. D. hood has come, marking the completion of the highest degree in the field.

For the conferral of the degree, the President asks the faculty to stand in honor of the graduates.

So Jeff and the other new Ph. D.'s move their tassles, surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses -- including Jordan, held by Diane, and a sizable contingent of family in the balcony.

Celebrating after graduation

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