The Riverwalk in New Orleans

May 20, 2002

On Monday we took the girls to the Riverwalk, parking the van and walking across the trolley tracks to get to the wide brick walk along the Mississippi River.

One of the first things the girls were attracted to was a bronze statue of a man and a boy on a parkbench. They had great fun climbing all over them.

I was fascinated by the powerful tugs which tied up right to the Riverwalk. And I always like the gulls. The blackhead gulls were abundant.

Jordan and Ashleigh enjoyed the walk and the investigation of everything on the wide brick Riverwalk. The powerful tug shown is headed upriver.

We rode the free ferry shown above across the Mississippi River and back. It is free for both cars and passengers, and gives you a good view of the city and of the shipping on the river.

We stopped at the Riverwalk market for a snack and shared coffee and beignets. Ashleigh and Jordan were excited about the sparrows which came to peck at crumbs and enjoyed the boats that passed. Sherry kept commenting about them being "cheap dates" and the fact that they were no trouble at all.

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