The Riverwalk in New Orleans

May 20, 2002

It was interesting to be on a working river and see the heavily laden barges being powered upstream. The tugs were incredibly powerful machines.

There was a mixture of tourist boat traffic and the working traffic represented by this tug powering its way downriver at a high speed.

The blackhead gulls occupied the tops of most of the pilings along the dock, as if to act as greeters to boats like this one.

The brilliant red paddles of the steamers were quite spectacular. At right, Ashleigh and Jordan enjoy throwing pennies into the fountain. Brenda is exercising due diligence to make sure Jordan doesn't follow her penny.

Since we kept the girls out most of the day, we wanted them to have their nap in middle of the day if possible. We put them on a blanket in the small park. There probably wasn't much sleeping, but they were quiet and rested and didn't object to the time. A young sparrow played around the area while they rested.

The Natchez with its brilliant red paddle traveled back and forth along the Riverwalk.

As active as the girls are, I was amazed that they lay quietly for the better part of an hour, resting. Jordan contemplated this magnolia leaf for most of the time.

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