The Riverwalk in New Orleans

May 20, 2002

We returned past the bronze statues of the old man and boy and the girls again were delighted to play on them. They spent several minutes in happy play and make believe with the statues, prompting a repeat of Sherry's observation "They sure are cheap dates!"

Jordan started to dance with the statue to the music of the steam calliope from the Creole Queen which was tied up just down from us.

A brightly colored tug came in and tied up to the Riverwalk, so we were interested in having a closer look at it. The Creole Queen riverboat can be seen in the distance.

The Creole Queen made a short loop upriver and paddle back past us, it's steam calliope piping loudly. That was the music that Jordan was dancing to earlier. The calliope was on the top deck and you could see the steam jets released with every note.

We left the Riverwalk and walked toward the Cafe du Monde. Along the way the girls' attention was captured by a guy with puppets which danced and pantomined rock music which he was playing from a small minidisc player. When we reached the Cafe du Monde, it was wall-to-wall with people, so we were lucky to find a small table on the street side.

At the Cafe du Monde, a trumpet player played "Jesus Loves Me" for the girls. He was quite good and seemed genuinely friendly to the girls. He got them to sing along on "Jesus Loves Me".

We enjoyed the traditional coffee and beignets at the Cafe du Monde. It provided a relaxing end to a busy day of exploration with Ashleigh and Jordan.

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