The Children's Museum in New Orleans

May 21, 2002

We got to the Children's Museum soon after it opened. One of the first things you pass is the plasma ball, and Jordan tries it out. The image at right is a closeup of the center ball which is about 5 cm in diameter. The description said that the ball was filled with argon, helium and neon I believe. These inert gases must be at a fairly high pressure to sustain the arc.

Our first priority was the model restaurant which we had missed last time. There the children pretend to be the cooks, waitresses, etc. Our first surprise was the seriousness with which Ashleigh took this process. She jumped into it with a serious expression on her face and was obviously modeling the adult behavior she had seen.

Ashleigh looked very professional as she delivered the plate to Grandma Brenda. She appeared to be taking pride in what she was doing.

Jordan was much more casual about the process but nevertheless put her whole self into the process of getting food together.

Jordan brought the food to the table, pulled back the chair and said "Here, Granddad. This is for you." How can you refuse an offer like that!

Ashleigh showed good understanding of what kinds of foods go together, and carefully put together a plate.

Again very professionally, she carried the food to the table and invited Granddad to have a seat.

Not content with just preparing and serving the food, Ashleigh went through the whole routine. She washed dishes, adjusted the pots on the stove, even mopped the floor.

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