The Children's Museum in New Orleans

May 21, 2002

Continuing in the Children's Museum, we visited the bubble blowing station. Ashleigh pulls up a sheet of soap film which reflects the windows behind us. Jordan enjoyed the climbing wall and the hanging bar.

I was surprised how much the girls enjoyed the car which they could pretend to jack up and change the tire. They also unpacked and packed the trunk. Ashleigh showed her instinctive understanding of physics by quickly abandoning the steep slope for the alligator pull in favor of the more gradual incline.

We finally reached the grocery store, which was the girl's favorite place last time. Ashleigh lost no time picking out her items and bringing them to the checkout counter.

Ashleigh examines her groceries and acts out the checkout process with great intensity.

Jordon collects her groceries and heads to the checkout counter.

Intent on her task, Jordan punches numbers on the cash register to check out her groceries.

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