March Visit of Jeff and Family

March 1-4, 2003

Jeff and Darla and the girls arrived in the wee hours of Saturday, March 1. We had been eagerly anticipating their visit. I told people that I had never paid much attention to Mardi Gras, but now I appreciated it very much because it got Jeff and Darla out of New Orleans to come visit us.

We are always surprised at how much the girls have changed. Both were noticeably taller. Ashleigh had grown in sophistication of her speech, synthesizing a lot of things and showing a lot of thought about what she said. Jordan had also matured a lot in her speech.

Ashleigh and Jordan were wonderfully full of life and enthusiasm. Jeff and Darla spent time just playing and roughhousing with the girls, and the place was alive with the happy squeals and laughter of the girls.

Mark and Cindi had gotten some cartoon figures for the girls, so they enjoyed them after their bath.

Darla gave the girls their baths, and then we had a little more family time before the girls settled down for the night.

Ashleigh and Jordan like to be read to anytime, but particularly important is the reading before bedtime. After a couple of books, they settled in peacefully for the night after a very active day.

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