May Visit to New Orleans

May 22-27, 2003

Rod and Brenda drove to New Orleans on Thursday for the Memorial Day weekend. Debbie and Tom were in town to house-look for an anticipated move back to the area, so we invited Jonathan and Jessica to go with us as we took Ashleigh and Jordan down to the New Orleans Riverwalk.

After lunch at the Riverwalk, we boarded the ferry for a trip across the Mississippi. Jordan has the gift of joy, and infected the rest of us with it along the way. Jonathan and Jessica were very helpful with the girls, so it was a pleasant trip.

We had the river behind us with the New Orleans skyline and the Aquarium across the river.

Between joy and ambivalence with Jordan and Ashleigh, there is yet no doubt about the happiness of Granddad Rod with an armload of granddaughters.

Returning to the New Orleans waterfront side after a pleasant trip across the Mississippi River.

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