Sunday Family Time

April 3-4, 2004

We did and early easter egg hunt for Ashleigh and Jordan in the front yard since they wouldn't be here for Easter. They are sorting their eggs at this point after a successful hunt aided by their Aunt Sherry.

Uncle Mark helped Jordan with the egg hunt and then settled down by Ashleigh at the dinner table as the girls opened Easter presents from he and from Aunt Sherry.

Jordan is also busily opening presents.

Rod, Brenda, Sherry and Darla watch as Jordan enjoys her gifts. Jordan couldn't understand that in the process she gave more gifts to the adults than she received.

Jeff and Darla and the girls pose by the azaleas. Jeff had reduced his full beard to a goatee, and could have just about passed for Amish.

Grandma and Granddad had to get into the act with Jordan and Ashleigh.

This photo of the little princesses Ashleigh and Jordan is from a print that we ran across later. Our best guess is that it was on this visit.

To Easter in New Orleans

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