West Metro Association RA Racer Derby

Corey Tyson (Lad RA Racer winner) and Kevin Lopez (Crusader RA Racer winner) with their Dads at the Associational race at County Line Baptist Church on March 4.

Corey places his car in one of his races in the Lad division.

Corey watches one of his three races. Looks like they are very even at this point. He won two of his three races, but the top three overall were chosen by time and he didn't make the top three. We didn't get his overall place, but his car ran very well. And we had the weight at 5.02 oz and had to drill it down a bit to get right on 5.00 oz.

Kevin places his car for the Crusader race. He also weighed in at 5.02 oz and we had to drill a bit out.

These were the times for the top three racers in the Lad division. Note that there is only a 0.02 second spread between the three winners. The Crusader division was a bit faster, with the winning times being about 2.51, 2.52 and 2.55 seconds average for the three races. Kevin placed 6th, and had one run at 2.52 seconds.

We were finished by 10:30, so the races were handled very efficiently. The overall spirit of the event was really impressive, with families there with younger children and a lot of laughing and fun. Everyone seemed to have a good tiime.

Ladies Retreat at Shocco Springs

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