On January 23, Rod and Brenda went to the Georgia State University Retiree's Breakfast honoring recent retirees. Rod was one of the retirees, but had to leave early to teach a lab.

The celebration of Uncle Albert's 90th Birthday brought the family together on January 28.

On February 8 Mark takes on some steelwork as part of fixing up the house down the street.

On February 15 we had the RA Racer derby at the church and then took a couple of boys to the Associational RA Racer derby on March 4.

Brenda attended the Ladies Retreat at Shocco Springs, Alabama on the weekend of February 24-26 and did a session on mentoring.

We continue to work with the ESL classes for the Spanish people at the church, and one of the joys is getting to know the children.

Jeff and family drove in on March 17 and the next morning we all headed to the Georgia Aquarium. We had a double birthday celebration for Darla and Ashleigh with the family on Sunday.

Rod went to the SPS Physics and Astronomy Picnic at Indian Creek on April 8. They presented the Carl R. Nave award to Brian Thoms.

We had a joint RA/GA trip to Bent Tree on April 29.

On May 5 we drove to Orlando to meet Jeff and family for a time at Disney. On Sunday we visited with the Harris's and attended First Baptist, Orlando. On Monday we went to the Magic Kingdom and returned for a second round on Tuesday.

Celebrating Mother's Day .

We tried another joint RA/GA trip to Bent Tree on June 3 since everyone seemed to enjoy the last one.

Denise and Roger hosted our independence family gathering at their new house on July 1.

Jeff sent pictures of summer activities around Pearl River.

We staged a large picnic at Bent Tree with the RA/GA group and a large group from the Hispanic congregation on July 8.

Our Children's Camp was held on St. George Island, Florida July 31-August 4. Rod was one of the counselors with the 33 children who attended.

Mark worked for about a month on a rather amazing steel structure to overpass two railroad tracks for a scene from a horror movie. It finished filming on August 18.

Darla and the girls arrived late on Monday, August 21. We made a day trip to Callaway Gardens on Wednesday, with a good bit of time spent in the Day Butterfly Center.

On August 31, Rod and Brenda were off for Costa Rica. On Friday September 1 we took a small plane to Quepos and stayed at the Si Como No resort near Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. On Saturday we did a tour to the Carara Biological Reserve and on Sunday a tour into Manuel Antonio park. On Monday we did another session in the butterfly house associated with Si Como No and then flew back to San Jose. On Tuesday September 4 we went to the Butterfly Farm near San Jose and on Wednesday took a day tour to Volcan Irazu', the Orasci' Valley and the Lankester Gardens. The highlight of the Lankester Gardens for me was the collection of orchids.On September 8, Rod presented his poster at the Concept Map meeting, which was the reason (or excuse) for the trip.

On September 23, we had a 2nd Anniversary celebration and fellowship with the Spanish congregation featuring a music group from Peru.

On October 4-6, we made a quick trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee , the most scenic part of which was a drive around Cade's Cove.

On October 7 we went up Stone Mountain with three GA girls.

On October 19, Rod visited Mark on his current movie set.

On October 20, Brenda participated in Alumni Day for the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer, Atlanta.

We enjoyed a gathering of old friends from the church at the McWaters' house near Jasper on October 21.

We had a great turnout for our Lite the Nite celebration at the Mableton First Baptist for the neighborhood on October 31.

A nice sunrise over the city of Atlanta got Rod out early on November 1.

To Hiwassee, GA for a Couples Retreat on November 10.

We had looked forward to the arrival of Jeff and family on November 17 for the Thanksgiving week. On November 18 we attended the Ladies Banquet at the church and on the 19th the Thanksgiving Fiesta. Then there is lots of cooking and preparation at home for the family celebration on Thanksgiving Day. We had a relaxing day at home on Friday after Thanksgiving.

We made a trip with Pastor Tim and Debbie and a great group from Mableton First Baptist to Nashville and the Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights and celebrations. The agenda included the "Ice" Exhibit and the Opryland Christmas Show. November 28 - December 1.

On December 22 we made the trip to Pearl River and enjoyed Christmas there.

A composite image to recap 2006.

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