Family Trip to Disney

Epcot Center, May 6, 2006

We entered Epcot and took the tour through the great space ball.

The sculpted plants and hedges were amazing. Enormous effort had gone into the gardening. The fountains also showed a lot of careful craftmanship.

We knew that Elyse was too young to remember things, but she seemed to enjoy everything, and we enjoyed her.

Elyse was delighted to be down and able to walk around. In fact, we had to watch her very carefully because she would just take off running. It's hard to believe that in December in Birmingham she was taking her first tentative steps.

One of the joys of grandparenting is to get to play with the girls at the park.

You would have thought that Elyse was too young for this, but she enjoyed everything.

The abundance of fountains and gardens made Epcot a refreshing place to visit.

At left, Ashleigh and Jordan stand in front of Snow White, one of the many sculpted plants. Above, this flower garden graces the pond under one of the spans of the monorail. The floating flower arrangements were motorized and migrated around the surface.

There was certainly a lot to do for the girls. At above left they are seated in some log chairs in a garden playground. They befriended a bear in the Canada region. The saddles above were in a garden playground with a farm motif.

With wandering Disney characters and all the country exhibits, there was plenty to entertain us.

After the fireworks, we made our way back to the big Epcot ball and the exit. I really enjoyed the gardens and fountains and the care with which everything was maintianed.

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