Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

We decided to take the riverboat across to the Magic Kingdom today. We got a good view of the Castle across the lake.

We had a pleasant trip across the lake on the large boat.

On the trip across, the Castle of the Magic Kingdom was always in view. We also got to see the monorails moving around the lake and the other boats from different resorts.

Entering the Magic Kingdom, we encountered Goofy and got a nice family picture. They do a good job with the wandering Disney characters, adding to the family spirit of the park.

On the street we encountered Chip and Dale. They autographed the girl's books and were very playful with them.

Next we encountered Pinnochio and collected another set of autographs.

Uh Oh! Also hanging around was the villainous fox from Pinnochio's story. He might well be able to tempt them with that candyland. So we had to whisk them off to the Castle.

We met some more modern Disney characters like these from Toy Story.

We got the whole family up a tree in the Swiss Family Robinson exhibit.

This tree house is a major piece of construction and ingenuity.

This surprising exhibit gave a playful time for all.

We decided to have a sit-down meal in the park in celebration of Jeff's birthday since we didn't get to do it yesterday. Celebration desserts in view of Cinderella's Castle. This put us in place to watch the fireworks later. Jeff took Ashleigh and Jordan for one last ride at Space Mountain before the final event.

Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle!

The fireworks display over the Castle marked the end of this trip to Disney for us. After the fireworks and light show, the entire crowd of thousands left the park at the same time. The combination of monorails and shuttles to the parking lots was amazingly efficient.

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