Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 8, 2006

We drove to the Magic Kingdom and are shown here at the monorail station waiting to go to the park. We got a little leash for Elyse to give her more freedom to walk around. She is ready to go!

Inside the gate we encountered Disney characters, which do a good job of relating to the kids. I take this to be the young gorilla from the Tarzan movie.

Pluto was a popular character. The Ashleigh and Jordan had autograph books to get signed by the characters.

Inside the Castle the walls were lined with intricate tile art. Behind Ashleigh and Jordan is a depiction of Cinderella and her stepmother and stepsisters. The Castle was one of the favorite things for the girls and they looked forward to the coronation of Cinderella as princess.

We explored Main Street and Ashleigh and Jordan rode the Carousel with Brenda. There were lots of young families with little ones in strollers.

Jeff rode the "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" ride with the girls. The area was becoming quickly more crowded and they had a long wait.

The coronation of Princess Cinderella at the Castle was the thing Ashleigh and Jordan most looked forward to, and the thing they talked about most afterward. It was an outstanding musical and dance production.

On to Tuesday, May 9, Magic Kingdom

Darla rode the Barnstorming roller coaster with Ashleigh and Jordan.

Photo-ops with the Disney characters were extremely well-handled. Tigger was very gracious, and all the characters took time to give personal attention to the children.

Piglet was very gentle in playing with Elyse.

Even Eeyore was a good host. We didn't hear him complain once about having to deal with all these children.

We rode several ride that took you through exhibits with a narrative and music. Jordan and Brenda enter the "Small World" exhibit which had many variations on the song and lots of craftmanship. We also went through the Peter Pan and Snow White rides.

The girls were very keen on driving the racecars, so that was our last ride for the day. We then went down by Main Street to watch the light parade and then watched the fireworks from the parking lot. It was a full day of adventure.

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