Georgia Aquarium

March 18, 2006

The entrance to the Georgia Aquarium is shaped like the prow of a ship. On this Saturday morning it was crowded, but it is an exciting facility. Marty joined Jeff and family and Rod and Brenda for the excursion.

Just inside the building, Darla, Ashleigh, Jordan and Elyse go through a tunnel with fish all around them.

The girls were excited and enjoyed everything. But we got them away from here for the time being because this was the entrance to the gift store.

Elyse is mesmerized by the fish. Ashleigh and Jordan try making "fish faces".

Ashleigh and Jordan really liked the pool where they could reach down and touch rays and sharks. Marty and Jeff keep watch over this process. Elyse was interested in everything.

Grandma Brenda takes her turn watching Ashleigh, who wanted to keep playing with the rays and sharks. Elyse was fascinated with the fish in the large acrylic tanks that lined this children-friendly section.

Elyse makes friends with a small boy.

Granddad Rod enjoyed his times of escorting Elyse around. She was a joy.

There was a tunnel through the children's area that Ashleigh and Jordan did. Then Jeff did it with them, and then Darla took Elyse through it.

There was an area with beautiful anemones, apparently designed to simulate a tidal pool. It contained a variety of starfish as well.

Ashleigh and Jordan were able to touch the anemonies. There was an attendant present to guide them in how to gently touch the anemonies "gently, with two fingers only, please ..." The view at right gives some idea of how crowded the aquarium was. It was wall-to-wall people here. You could hardly move, and we had to be careful to keep up with the girls.

By this time Elyse was tuckered out and went sound asleep as she was being rolled in her stroller into this area. They covered her with her blanket, and she slept soundly all the way through lunch. This giant crab was about a meter across. It reminded us to stop for lunch, not wanting everyone to get crabbly.

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