Family Birthday Celebration

March 19, 2006

Jordan and Ashleigh were happy to be able to spend some time with Uncle Mark. We were all pleased that he got to be off the movie set for the weekend to spend it with the family. We planned a family get-together to celebrate the birthdays of Darla (just past) and Ashleigh (coming up next week).

Elyse still doesn't have quite enough hair to pin a bow in, but they tried.

Our attempts at keeping a ribbon in Elyse's hair were short-lived, but they were entertaining.

We had a nice family dinner, with everyone contributing. Sherry, Wesley, Denise and Roger, Stacy and Darnell, Marty and Andy came.

We had a cake shaped like a bear to celebrate Ashleigh's 8th birthday. Ashleigh's birthday is March 23.

We also celebrated Darla's birthday with a fancy butterfly cake made by Denise. Darla's birthday was on March 15.

We celebrated with Ashleigh as she opened her birthday gifts from the family.

Elyse enjoyed sitting with Stacy and playing with hand puppets and other toys.

Ashleigh cuddles a stuffed animal gift by the birthday tree.

This is the party group after a round of facepainting by Sherry and Denise. The girls really enjoy that and it has become part of our holiday tradition.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Denise brought her little dachshund over on Monday, and the girls had a ball.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On Tuesday they had to return to Pearl River, so Brenda got the girls together by the fireplace for a final photo.

Marty with Jeff and family just before they hit the road for Louisiana.

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