Mark With Steelwork Project

On a cold February 8, Mark took on the job of building a steel door on the shop at the house down the street. He has built a steel frame on the door shown behind him at left and has fabricated two doors from 2" square tube steel.

The process involves cutting the steel with a cutoff saw and then laying it out with wooden blocks and clamping it on a work table.

We played around with trying to get a picture of the welding arc. At right is the best I got with flash, which washes out all the light except the brightest sparks.

This was my favorite of the available light shots. It shows the inherent violence of the process, and all that blue reminds you of why you don't look at the welding arc - it extends from the blue well into the damaging ultraviolet. I was looking through a welding hood myself in taking the pictures.

The two left pictures are examples of what you can get with flash. The available light picture at right gives you the blue color of the arc.

With welded hinges, welded steel doors, and a welded fram, we joked about the door now holding up the shop. If a tornado comes by, the steel doors may be the only thing left standing.

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