Continuing on the Road to Carlsbad Caverns

May 20, 2007

After our first and second stops, we thought maybe we would make it to the Caverns this time, but we ran across a viewpoint that promised evidence of Indian settlement and a pond. By the camera's clock, we only stayed on the road 6 minutes.

There was indeed a pond and a nice array of cactus. There must have been a spectacular bunch of yellow flowers there earlier, but now they looked like seedpods with drooping yellow skirts.

Phyllis and Brenda read about this historic site while Edgar and I do the guy thing and immediately start poking around in it. Reading the instructions can come later if necessary.
There were big patches of the flower above left. We have a similar flower in Georgia which is called daisy fleabane. The flower above right is on a shrub. I saw nice examples of it on our first stop today.
Rod and Ed checked out the caves and found a depression that had apparently been used for grinding or pounding something.
The caves were wide open and not deep, but could provide shelter from the weather. They were open enough that you could build a fire in them.

Varieties of life in the land of cactus.Much more than I expected!

The cactus blooms are exquisite. A practiced Photoshop eye would detect that a little cheating has been done on the lower image to remove the blade of grass which seemed distracting.
Brenda had to be careful of her position in this area! The variety of cactus was simply amazing. It gave us a whole new perspective of cactus.
We are back on the highway and headed up the winding road toward t he entrance to the caverns. It looks like we might actually make it this time!
To Carlsbad Caverns

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