More Exploring at Bent Tree

May 18-20 , 2008

After the mountain hike, Brenda and Darla put together a nice picnic lunch and we went down to the waterfalls and spillway for lunch. May 19.

Jeff had decided to do his swimming workout by swimming in place against the strong current below the waterfall.

The girls enjoyed wading in the spillway creek.

Elyse went on a walk with Darla and Rod on Chestnut Cove where she enjoyed turning over rocks to see the ants. The ants would quickly take their grubs underground as we watched.

Elyse and Jordan enjoyed petting two small ponies that were being walked by the spillway.

We enjoyed another pleasant evening at Bent Tree. At breakfast on May 20, Elyse collected an armload of bears and came to sit in Mom's lap.

The weather was still cool, and it was a good time to take walks.

Rod and Jordan had time for another walk up Chestnut Cove Trail before we had to head back toward Atlanta. Jordan stands on the huge Chestnut log that we had told them about yesterday. We found nice white violets with both the mature and juvenile colors and several wild geraniums. We walked all the way to the bottom of Thunderstruck looking for bloodroot plants, and finally found several on our way back.

Continued visit at home in Austell

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