Visit with Jeff and Family

May 20-22 , 2008

After returning home from the trip to Bent Tree on May 20, Grandddad Rod reads a couple of books to Elyse.

Then Rod and Jordan did a walk down to the creek. Jordan played in the creek while Rod spent time trying to take pictures of water striders.

On Wednesday night, Mark had worked all night on a project he was doing for Six Flags and then came by the house on Thursday morning to be pounced upon by three delighted little girls. Jeff and Rod had picked up some material and done some cuts to try to ease the load on Mark, but he still worked through the night to finish.

We were concerned about Mark being so exhausted. But even with paint smears from a night of construction and painting, he seemed to enjoy the kids and we enjoyed him being there.

Mark by the azaleas with a rowdy bunch of girls.We were pleased that Mark could get by to spend a few more minutes with the girls as they got ready to leave.

Rod with all the offspring, all of whom we are very proud!

Grandma Brenda joins the group above, as we approach departure time. Ashleigh, Jordan and Elyse by the van as they get ready for the trip back to Pearl River, LA. We praise the Lord for the joy of the visit and for their safe return.

Memorial Day trip to Nashville

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