RA Overnight at Bent Tree

April 3-4, 2009

We enjoyed good weather on our April overnight to Bent Tree. Four boys went: Connor Smith, Austin Hughes, Caulin Brinson, and Joshua Kelly. In back are Scott Kelly and Johnny Huffman.

We left the church at 6pm and drove to Bent Tree. Brenda had gone up earlier and had a hotdog and chili supper ready for us. After supper, the boys get into a UNO game with Johnny. Joshua, Austin, Connor and Caulin.

Usually ping pong is king, and they played some, but seemed to prefer the board games. In this case checkers trumps ping pong as Caulin and Joshua get a game of checkers going under the ping pong table.

When it was time for bed, the boys choice of a place to put their sleeping bags was under the ping pong table. They were very much into their little video games, so Connor settles down with his under the table.

Spring birds

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