Vacation Bible School at Mableton First Baptist Church

June 8-12, 2009

Below are the group pictures of the groups at VBS. I'll try to fill in some names, but I may not be able to get them all.

Entering Pre K, Class #1, Karla Ayers, Teacher. Back row: Chase Tucker, Caleb Howard, Andrew Short, Elyse Nave, Mattie Graham, Clay Daniell. Front row: MacKade Bartlett, Paul Lara, Lily Helton.

Entering Pre K, Class #2, Jenifer Brooks, Teacher. Back row: Amelia Quarles, Malayna Tamborra, Mellissa Herold, Aubry Byrd, Noah Ruppel and Luke Flading. Front row: Isaiah O'Neal.

Completed Pre K, Class #1, Chris Ayers, Teacher. Back row: Gwendolyn Durity, Kaylee Smith, Reagan Barr, Lacy Lee Hall, Abigail Byrd. Front row: Morgan Johnson, Devin Corbitt, KiKi Siaso.

Completed Pre K, Class #2, Wendy Bartlett, Teacher. Back row: Addisyn Quarles, Sarah Foy, Dylan Llewallyn, Jolena Dorgan, Megan Griffin. Front row: Zachery Guy, Jake Spinks, Andrew Ayoub, Matthew Dickey.

Completed K, Class #1, Ray Skibba, Teacher. Back row Zion O'Neal, Molly Graham, Addison Duplantis, Zoe Hobgood, Elizabeth Flading, Peyton Barr, *. Front: Myles Herold.

Completed K, Class #2, Regina Rowland, Teacher. Back row: Montana Merck, Aniyah King, Juan Castro, Karina Lara, William, Michelle Stanley.

Front row: Cole Rowland.

Completed 1st Grade, Lori Hobgood, Teacher. Back row: *, Brian Tucker, Graham Johnson, Emily Chen, Austin Hughes, Kaulin Brinson, Joshua Kelley, Ethan Sanders, Hunter Rowland. Middle row: Jessica Ayoub, Katelynn Corbitt, Christian Griffin, Aidan Durity. Front row: *, Kameron Johnson.

Completed 2nd Grade, Claudia Hughes, Teacher. Back row: Sam Dickey, Abel Castro, Noah Lara, Christopher Tanny, Morgan Reece, Austin Guy. Front row: Connor Smith, Chloe Bierley, Sofia Lara, Katherine Vela, Grayson Bartlett.

Back row: Chloe Bierley, Kathrine Vela, Morgan Reece. Front row: Sam Dickey, Christopher Tanny, Grayson Bartlett.

Completed 3rd Grade, Kelli McDonald, Teacher. Back row: Leaders Kelli McDonald and Taylor McWilliams, Summer Gilbert, Anna. Middle row: Emma Brackett, Michael Gilman, Jose Valerio, Karen Avalos(in front) ,Cianna Rampley, Bailey Hall, Lexi Hobgood. Front: Taylor Ammons, Gage Marsh.

Completed 4th Grade, Joe Burkhardt, Teacher, and Completed 5th Grade, Peggy Jo Boyles, Teacher. Back row: Joe Burkhardt, Drew Brandon, *, Fallah McLean, Amy Tucker, Ashleigh Nave, *, Benjamin Pollard, Peggy Jo Boyles, Marjorie Keller, Patty Burkhardt. Front row: Emilio Medina, Sebastian Medina, Luis Medina, Chano Medina, Jonathan Smith, Jordan Nave, Alexi Hughes, Madelyn Pieroni , Sam Queen.

The Boomerang Express

Mike Anderson, Kim Smith and Sandy Gilbert lead in the worship songs for the opening assembly of the Vacation Bible School. The train and station for the Boomerang Express were created by David Moore.

The opening assembly featured songs, a video about Australia, and a video set in Jerusalem. Here the group participates in one of the songs.

The right side of the group is enthusiastic about the songs.

Sandy Gilbert and Kim Smith helped with the musical praise class and with the opening and closing assemblies. Janet Vineyard, along with Becky Ridgway, directed the VBS. Stan Johnson also helped with the registration and direction.

The younger craft group makes boomerangs, or "namerangs" as they were calling them.

One of the younger groups poses with the Boomerang Express engine.

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