Conceptual Physics 2009

June 8 - July 20

Rod again enjoyed working with the Conceptual Physics class. Back row L-R are Andrew Phelps, Patrice Gladden, Heather Cross, Bob Erdman, Khris Pettigrew, Lee Elliot, Craig McGowan, Diane Clark and Ben Corey. Front row L-R are Lindsay Doyle, Clara Olson, Tamika Pankey, John Lassiter, Heather Conlin and Jacque Whetsell.

Reviewing the section on the magnetism, these folks are clowning around with the right-hand rule for magnetic force. This is Lee, Diane, Ben, Jacque and Craig.

Craig McGowan checks out the Galilean telescope. Behind are Khris, Diane, Patrice, Jacquie, and Lee.

Diane Clark takes a turn at the basic telescope. John, Bob, and Patrice behind.

The summer of 2009 was the last time the Conceptual Physics was offered in this form. The next year it was converted to an online course and was taught by John Wilson. For the last three or four years, it was just taken by the Science Education graduate students as a part of the TEEMS program as I recall. In 2005 there was a large group of students which included education majors seeking science certification. The summer of 2007 may have been the first year of the TEEMS use of the course. In 2008 Rod again enjoyed the group of students that came to the Conceptual Physics course.

The year 2009 marked the 30th year of the course offering. Rod had initiated the course in 1980 and had taught it every year except one. It was well established by 1982. By 1986 he had introduced a considerable amount of computer use.

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