Awana Men and Boys Breakfast

June 5, 2010

We had pancakes and sausage prepared by Johnny and Stan. Around the table are Stan Johnson, David Marsh, Gage Marsh, Logan Todd, Riley Brooks and his Grandfather Joe Burkhardt.

photo log

Mark Todd and Ray Skibba at left and Scott Ridgway with Drew and young Reagan on right, plus Johnny and I made 13 persons for breakfast.

We took off after breakfast for Bent Tree's Lake Tamarack and dug for worms for bait when we got there. Soon we were on the dock fishing.

David Marsh, fishing with a lure, was the first to get a strike, bringing in this bass.

Next, Joe caught a bass from the beach. He is laughing about it because the lure snagged the fish on the side. So it gets caught and tossed back in without ever getting a hook in its mouth.

Raindrops had been peppering the lake, but now it came as a downpour and we retreated to the pavilion.

Oh, well! It was about time for lunch anyway. We had lunch in the shelter of the pavilion and watched it rain.

The rain stopped quickly and we were soon back to fishing.

Logan and Riley fish from the bank above, and Gage casts from the fishing dock at right.

We headed over to the waterfall, encountering this nice doe along the way.

Gage Marsh takes a couple of leaps off the bank into the pool below the waterfall.

Above, Logan Todd makes the leap!

Then here comes his dad, Mark Todd!

Gage and David Marsh in the deep, cool pool.

Johnny makes it to the falls. They beat pretty hard on your back when you stand under them.

I got back under the bank to shoot at a different angle and was shooting at 1/1000 sec to stop motion. Gage jumps out away from me.

I caught Logan just as his feet hit the water, and even 1/1000 second wouldn't stop that motion.

Mark treads water just off the rock shelf that drops to a depth that we have not reached. David, Riley with Johnny.

Gage and David make it to the falls. It is a pretty rough swim with the falls running as strongly as they were this trip.

This brought us to time to launch for home, so we headed back to the beach to change. Praise the Lord for a time to just get the boys and their Dads out to just play and experience the creation. Brenda is always praying that we get them all back safely, and we are always grateful for an adventure with a safe return.

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